Crypto Currency Accepted at Artefact London

Commission your bespoke suits, shirts, tuxedos & more with Bitcoins, LiteCoin & Ether

At Artefact London you can get everything from a classic business suit to extravagant dinner attire  and anything in between. Now we not only offer standard payment options, but also accept major cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin as a form of payment.

At the end of 2017 I have made a decision that as long as cryptocurrency carries value that can be legitimately converted into GBP & EUR, Artefact London will accept it as a method of payment. 


It was in a conversation with a regular customer that resides in South Africa, that the idea was born. Ed was back in London to collect yet another suit and was sharing stories on how unstable African banking & political systems have encouraged many people to invest more in cryptocurrencies.
This conversation sparked an Eureka moment: ‘Ed, you are not the only customer that resides in Africa and travels to London to get their suits made at Artefact. Perhaps some of the internationally based customers may find it convenient to pay with crypto. Given the option, would you pay with tokens?...’

And we are finally ready to offer just that. As of March 5th 2018 Artefact London is officially accepting Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum as a form of payment. Conventional forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard & Amex - accepted as before.

I am thrilled to be leading a bespoke tailoring business that is now the first amongst tailors in the world to offer crypto currency as a payment option. It is an exciting experiment for a young and dynamic business Artefact London is.

So how much is a suit in Ethereum?

The prices of garments are fixed in GBP and are indicated here. The value of the garments in cryptocurrency is not fixed.
The price will be charged according to the value of the currency in question relative to GBP value at the time of payment with a 15% surcharge.

Let’s say the total value of your commissioned garments is £1000:

  • The cryptocurrency equivalent is calculated using currexy converter at the time of the purchase
  • 15% surcharge is added which is £150 in this instance
  • Transfer crypto currency equivalent to Artefact London wallet
  • Your VAT receipt will state the GBP value of the purchase

Business as Usual

Other than that it is business as usual! Effortless bespoke tailoring to impress.
Best bespoke suits, shirts, tuxedos & more laser cut with precision to your body measurements is what we do.

Want a suit to impress day in day out?
Book your appointment at Artefact London.

Written by Tatyana Kozhevnikova
Founder Artefact London
Forbes 30 Under 30 Finalist
1st March 2018