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Revised Meaning. A Second Skin.

Tailored shirts - you will never wear off the peg again.

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Bespoke Shirts

Shirts - a fundamental component of a man’s attire.

Do you often find that trade off between the collar size and the waist when buying shirts in retail? Perhaps the sleeves are never quite the right length too? We solve the problem from the outset - we dismiss all standard sizes and get you measured for the shirt and construct it just right for your proportions.

Pick from hundreds of cloths, cuff & collar shapes, choose your finishing touches like adding initials and pearl buttons.
Every stitch is inspected for perfection; every button made with a button shank – as true quality stands out in the smallest of details.

Why not come by for a coffee to explore the myriad of options and design combinations available to you. No obligation for a purchase.

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