3 Piece Countryside Wedding Suits Guide

Why it's our pick for a countryside wedding

What is a 3 Piece Suit? An epitome of class!

In short, it’s a suit consisting of three matching or complementary tailored garments: the suit jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat (or ‘vest’ in American English).

It is one of our most popular tailoring requests, especially for weddings, which is why this wardrobe staple inspired our previous blog on The three piece suit: an extra layer of style. The layering provides instant elevation, and different finishes can transform a look from classic English gentleman through to red carpet trendsetter.

3 Piece Suit for the Groom

To stand out from the crowd, and to feel your very best whilst saying “I do”. This is where the magic of the 3 piece suit can really shine.
If you’re not used to the spotlight, and feel most content in a simple grey or navy blue suit (or no suit at all) - the addition of a waistcoat heightens your ensemble without pushing you too far out of your style comfort zone.
It makes a man unmistakably wedding-ready, and is guaranteed to take you away from that just-left-the-office look. You can opt to match your waistcoat fabric to your suit fabric, or experiment with something a little more brave and creative, by adding a contrasting waistcoat.

A waistcoat that compliments your suit jacket and contrasts in pattern or texture gives you the added bonus of a different look for the dance floor. A sharp waistcoat makes for an epic first dance photo.

Consider a Tweed 3 Piece Suit

Perfect for countryside & winter weddings

Consider a tweed 3 piece suit for a winter/autumn or a countryside wedding.

You can choose warm autumnal tweeds; rich brown, calm sage, or a biscuit beige. You can also go with blue and easily rewear your tweed suit in town as it is such a versatile colour.

Whilst summer weddings tend to be more vibrant and colourful, there’s no reason why winter weddings could not have some colour too. Think burgundy, burnt orange etc for your tweed suit - why not?

Embracing a touch of subtle colour will bring the spotlight on you, if that is your thing of course. The weather outside can be frightful, but embracing classic countryside tweed and wonderful wool fibres brings warmth and class to the look.

Consider a 3 Piece Tux

If you’re looking at more grand countryside wedding venues like stately homes, luxury hotels and private clubs, consider a 3 piece tuxedo as an option, for an opulent and Bond-esque evening of celebration.

It’s hard to think of a more iconic suit style than the tuxedo. This transatlantic favourite is synonymous with black tie, as well as silver screen icons like the impeccable, unmatchable James Bond.

We strongly advise matching your waistcoat to the jacket & trousers. Tuxedos are all about elegance & simplicity. Our advice is not to choose a patterned or playful waistcoat for your tuxedo as it can take you into cheesy territory.

Should I choose Midnight blue or black tuxedo?

Midnight blue is a very deep, almost-black fabric, which is meant to appear “darker than black” in low light.
Under artificial yellow light, midnight blue appears blacker than black. A black tuxedo under this light can appear to have a brown or slightly green tinge.

It’s in the details; let’s talk suit lapels

The open fabric detail around the neck and chest
centres the eye, and draws attention upwards is the detail that is referred to as lapels.

Broadly speaking:
Notch lapels are more business or casual.
Peak lapels are more special occasion and can be used on more formal business suits.
Shawl lapels are black tie.

A bespoke 3 piece suit can be a considerable investment. Many grooms want the option of easily rewearing their suit in the future. If this sounds like you, we’d recommend choosing the classic notched lapel.
This gives you the flexibility to turn your 3-piece suit into a business 2-piece suit by forgoing the waistcoat, or even pair the suit jacket with less formal trousers.

For a three piece wedding tuxedo choose shawl or peak lapel, never a notch.

Balancing the details of a 3-piece suit

Lapels or no lapels on the wiastcoat? Double-breasted waistcoat or not?

The answer is - it depends. For example, if your waistcoat is made from a bold or patterned fabric, you may want to steer away from adding lapels, so that you don’t overdo the aesthetic.

Plain or block-colour waistcoats with the same or similar tones to your jacket and trousers would be able to carry a little something extra, such as lapels or consider double breasted waistcoat styles.

A waistcoat tailor-made in a contrasting fabric is often a statement very much reserved for a groom, and we always recommend using your wedding as an opportunity to show your personal style.

3 Piece Suits for the Groomsmen, Fathers of Brides & Grooms

When it comes to those unwritten ‘style rules’, the only one we believe in is that no man should
upstage the groom at his wedding - and that includes his trusty groomsmen.
That does not rule out a 3 piece suit if you are a guest, groomsman or the father, pay attention to those special finishing touches.

Ask the groom what he is wearing. If he is wearing a 3 piece suit, where the waistcoat is matching his trousers & jacket, do not wear a contrasting waistcoat yourself. You might be standing out more than the groom. If he is indeed wearing a contrasting waistcoat, and you want one as well, make sure yours isn’t a similar colour or stands out more than the groom’s.

If in doubt, play it safe and keep it simple, by going for a waistcoat that matches your jacket & trousers.

When to wear a 3 piece suit? Various dress codes perfect to rock the 3 piece look

Navigating those wedding dress codes and what they mean can be tricky for your wardrobe.
Any wedding listed as informal, smart casual, or cocktail dress do not require a 3 piece suit, but you might opt to wear one if it’s well within your personal style.
Also, remember depending on the cloth you choose and accessories you match the 3 piece suit with can create a casual flair about the overall look.

3 piece suits would be suitable (and sometimes expected) for a handful of classic dress codes and colder months. Here are some of the dress codes where a 3 piece suit / tuxedo works well.

Formal Wedding/Event Attire

Formal attire can sometimes be interpreted as black tie optional. You can wear a tuxedo, but but don’t have to. A 3 piece suit would be perfect for formal events. Consider darker colours (navy, grey, brown etc) with a matching waistcoat.

Black Tie Optional

You can wear either a tuxedo or a dark coloured two or three piece suit. Evening weddings often imply a more formal dress code so a tux would be more appropriate. If the event starts in the afternoon, you can choose to wear a 3 piece suit.

Black Tie

Traditionally, black tie weddings take place after 5:30pm. Tuxedo look is typically reserved for evening wear. You should wear a tuxedo with a cummerband or waistcoat, a bowtie is essential.

White Tie

This is the most formal dress code, and is normally reserved for events commencing after 6pm. It is not a very common dress code these days, but it is important to dress correctly if you are invited to one. You must wear a tailcoat with matching trousers, white waistcoat, white shirt, and a white bowtie.

Remember the Details - Boutonniere

Traditionally a boutonniere is worn by slipping it into the lapel loop (on the left side, same side as the pocket square). The boutonniere stem iss held in place by a loop at the back of the lapel. The boutonnieres for the father of the bride and best man should be the same as the groom's boutonniere. Ask to add a loop at the lapel to hold the boutonniere in place and add some colour to your look.

Where to Get Your 3 Piece Suit Tailored?

A simple search in Google will give you hundreds of choices for off-the peg 3 piece suits to buy in every price range.

However, if you are ready to invest in that timeless garment that helps you make an entrance, get in touch with Artefact London. We create effortless bespoke suits to impress.

Working with a tailor to create your made to measure 3 piece suit results in a garment that is meticulously constructed to your exact requirements, right for the occasion you’re attending.

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