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Bespoke Tailor Made to Measure Suit London

1. Book Your Appointment at the Studio

Come by for a coffee to explore 1000s of fabrics, endless designs, ask questions & admire the samples. Find out all about our service. No obligation for a purchase.

Book My Appointment at the Studio

2. Measurements & Design

Liked what you saw? Get measured & let us guide you on every aspect from the most flattering shape of the garment to the best colours for your complexion.

Bespoke Tailor Made to Measure Suit London
Bespoke Tailor Made to Measure Suit London

3. Fitting

Within 5-6 weeks (3-4 weeks for express orders) the garment is ready for you to try on. We will arrange a fitting & take care of any minor alterations should they be required within a week.


  • How does international shipping work
  • After your in person appointment where you get measured and select all the design details we can ship your garments anywhere in the world. Shipping charged separately. We go through a very detailed measurement process and use a sophisticated CAD system to create your pattern. Most of our garments don’t need alterations when they are complete. Should your garment need some further work, contact your local tailor and send us the bill for the work. You only need to be measured once as we store your pattern details electronically for the ease of future orders. You can request fabric swatches, photos of new fabric collections for future orders remotely thereafter.
  • How long do you take to make a garment
  • Your custom made order will be complete in 5-6 weeks. We do not hold semi-finished garments, every piece is cut to your unique pattern finished with details chosen by you. Partnering closely with suppliers in Europe allows to accommodate urgent orders in 3-4 weeks. There is a 30% surcharge for urgent orders compared to the standard price.
  • How much does it cost
  • The choice of the fabric will determine the overall price of the garment. Every fabric has it’s function and differs in performance. Get in touch to let us know what you are after for your quote or simply book your free consultation to see thousands of fabrics in person and discuss your needs. No obligation for a purchase.
  • What can I expect at a starting price
  • At Artefact London the standards of sartorial work, fabrics & trimmings used are of exceptional quality. At a starting price you can expect hundreds of the finest quality English and Italian fabrics not found in retail garments, floating canvas, canvased lapels, hand stitched pearl and horn buttons, working buttonholes, button shanks, monograms, endless customisation possibilities, contrasting details, garments perfectly fitted to your silhouette, style advice and much more. Things that competitors charge extra for and can mislead you on price are a given at Artefact London.
  • Where is my garment made
  • We keep things close to our London home. Our production is based in Portugal, we bring together the latest German technology in production and Italian trimmings to finish your garments. We don’t make in Asia to then stitch the buttons on in Italy or UK and claim that this is Italian or British tailoring which unfortunately you will find is the case with many tailors, Savile Row included. We take pride and see great value in having close relationships with our business partners, agreements based on mutual trust and sealed on a handshake. You will see it too – in the finest quality & style, timely delivery at sensible prices.
  • Which measurements do you take? How is my pattern created
  • You will try on a sample garment that is closest to your size, that will be the foundation. We will refit the garment on you using the good old method of chalking and pinning to determine the feel and fit you are after. Our sample pattern is modified electronically and laser cut with precision to your body typography. Your garment is tailor-made with all measurements, silhouette alterations, individual design requirements accounted for. You will be called for a fitting appointment to try it on. Should finishing tweaks be required, they will be complete within a couple of days free of charge. Your pattern specifications will be stored electronically for ease of future orders.
  • Can I send my measurements without visiting you in person. How do measurements work
  • Measurements are only linear and do not tell our tailors much about your body typography. We make the garments to fit your posture and for that we need to see you in person. We account for things like stooping, erect postures, whether you have both or one prominent shoulder blade, we check the level of your shoulders, the angle at which your arms hang in relation to your body and more. All these things make a great impact on the fit, but can’t be measured with a tape. We use our House Block to gauge your posture profile. Many tailors work with linear measurements only, although it does get you closer to a good fit, it is invariably a compromise when compared to the full posture analysis.
  • How long does the Measurement & Design process take
  • Allow at least 30-45 mins to get measured and get a sample garment fitted on you. And another 30-45 mins to choose from our extensive cloths, linings & buttons selection. You will be guided through every step of the process.
  • How long does the Fitting Appointment take
  • 15-30 mins

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