Wedding & Special Occasion

Timeless, Sleek & Enduring.

Wedding & Special Occasion

Timeless, Sleek & Enduring.

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Tailor Made to Stand Out

Bespoke Wedding Suits

Perhaps you are thinking of a three piece suit for your special day? Connoting respectability, authority and reassuringly dapper appearance. We can look into solid classic colours or perhaps add a contrasting waistcoat, or maybe it’s a country wedding and you are considering a tweed suit?

Bespoke Tuxedos

Black & Midnight Blue Tuxedos – a standard for male elegance and elegance is never far away from simplicity. Choose your lapel shape, single or double breasted, choose a muted or funky lining, add your initials and so much more.

Bespoke Dinner Jackets

Configured to stand out, rather than blend in. Contrasting fabrics and textures flirting with adventure. Velvet jackets, bright silks or perhaps a bit more muted colour scheme? The choice is yours.

What to Expect?

Garments to suit any occasion satisfying the most discerning tastes. We will guide you to create a complete look appropriate for the occasion in a sharp tailored cut. All consultations are free and no obligation for a purchase – just get in touch for availability.

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