Best Tailors in London - How to Know Who is Right for You?

3 things to look out for online & 3 to discover at your appointment

There is plenty of choice online and retail when it comes to menswear.
Perhaps the time has come to upgrade to the next level of craftsmanship & service?
You might feel daunted at the prospect of working closely with a bespoke tailor and not know where to go?
Unlike buying ready to wear, there is more to consider when choosing where to get your suit tailored for the first time.

Here is a guide that will save you time and away from the wrong tailor.

Start with online research looking closely for these 3 things:

Pay attention to these 3 things online:

Social Media: Model Shots vs Real People?

Does the tailor keep a regularly updated Instagram for you to check their latest work? Is it all model shots on their social media? AVOID!

Model shots are for ready to wear. The tailor must show what their real work looks like on real people. They say a photo is better than a thousand words. Do the garments flatter real customers?

When the tailor is right for you you will feel like you relate to what you see on their Instagram. If their actual work is not on social media or you cannot relate to the style - avoid!

Reviews. Read Them: Do Not Skim Through.

Pay close attention to the content of reviews. Businesses can fake reviews. How do you spot the fake ones?

  • Are there many reviews that have been written by "Local Guides"? "Local Guide" accounts often belong to people who write reviews for a fee. Avoid business with many reviews written by "local guides".
  • Read the reviews and see if you may have spotted a common pattern in them? If the reviews use similar words & structure, quite possibly they have been written by the same person (ie business owner who created multiple accounts). Red flag! Avoid.

Pricing: are you made to dig for the most basic info?

Are the prices shown and clear on the tailor's website? You need not be digging for basic information. You are looking for transparency and businesses that strive to make it easier for you: both online & offline.
The price range is anything between £1200 -£6000 for a bespoke suit and you need to be informed without having to call/email to obtain the essential information.
If interaction is clear and simple online, it will more likely be so in person as well.

During in person appointment observe 3 aspects of service:

Is the interaction sales oriented?

Does the tailor feel like a car sales person? Don't walk. Run.
Do they try to sell a shirt/extra pair of trousers/discounted 2nd suit with your first made to measure order when you have not asked for one? Putting you in an uncomfortable position of having to politely decline or reluctantly accept the offer?
Best tailoring service is about building a relationship and winning your trust over time, rather than closing a bigger sale fast.
Allow your intuition to guide if you can trust this relationship.

Best tailors save you from style mistakes

There is a lot to consider when it comes to fabric functionality and design details. Is your tailor taking the time to share the knowledge and guide you? Or are you left to navigate the minefield tailoring can be without expert guidance?
The best tailors know how to get the balance between guiding you whilst incorporating your personality into every garment. Trust your intuition here as well.

Do you feel at ease with the tailor? Will you look forward to future interactions?

Remember a great tailor will take the time to learn about your lifestyle, without crossing the boundary & digging deep into personal details. You need to feel at ease as that is when you will be able to communicate your wishes openly.

You will have fittings & interact with your tailor multiple times before you collect the finished garment.
Unless, you feel like you will look forward to the interactions with this person, walk away.

Best tailors know how to strike the balance between understanding you without intruding into personal space. Making you the centre of their attention, yet making you feel comfortable.

In short. To Find the Best Tailor in London:

Research Online:

  • Social Media - is it actual work on real people, not models?
  • Can you relate to what you see?
  • Reviews: are they trustworthy?
  • Is the basic information clear on the website? ie Prices? Process?

In Person Service:

  • Are you dealing with a pushy sales person?
  • Is there guidance you can relate to & trust?
  • Are you feeling at ease throughout the process?
  • Trust your instincts.

Above may sound like a lot of research, but it is well worth investing your time in. Having a great tailor brings a new level of comfort to your life. You only need to get measured once and there on your pattern can be replicated into a multitude of bespoke garments: suits, casual wear, overcoats - you name it.
Having a great tailor is as important as having a great dentist - they can solve a lot of pain when it comes to dressing well with ease.

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