Artefact London Bespoke Tailoring

for Carlsberg

Working on urgent requests and with high profile gentlemen is nothing unusual at Artefact London bespoke tailoring. Here is one of those scenes from back in 2018.

Unfiltered - 2018 Campaign

Back in 2018 I received a phone call from Fold7 marketing agency with a request: Mads Mikkelsen urgently needed his old teal corduroy suit replaced with a like for like one. Same teal corduroy cloth, same design details. It had to be finished within two weeks in time for filming the new Carlsberg 'Unfiltered' campaign .

Whilst the timeline was tight, we could still make it happen. The complication was that the actor himself was on shoot in Canada and unavailable to have measurements taken. I had to find a way to make a perfectly fitting garment without in person measurements.

I requested Mads’s body measurements from his personal stylist, along with photos of him wearing his old corduroy suit. I also asked for the old suit to be shipped to the Artefact studio for closer examination.

From the photos it appeared the old suit was running tight across the chest; the wear and tear along the shoulder blades, trouser seams suggested more space was needed across the back, in the seat and thighs. I measured the old suit and amended the measurements according to my observations of wear & tear.

With only two weeks to get the suit made, the suit was finished one day prior to the Fold7 team traveling to the shoot.

Need I say I love the commercial?🙂

The Lake - 2019 Campaign

Fast forward comes 2019. Phone call from Fold7 once more. Urgent. Next Carlsberg commercial  ''The Lake'' was being filmed in Copenhagen in 12 days. Need a backup suit in case the one we made in 2018 gets wet.

Previous measurements worked well. New complication: the cloth we previously used is out of stock. We have not a single hour to spare. The shoot commences in less than 2 weeks. I am boarding a plane as I discuss all of this with Michelle from Fold7 and will be offline for the rest of the day. As I fasten my seat belt, I am calling my Savile Row cloth suppliers Holland & Sherry, Scabal. Help! Deliver cloth samples to Michelle as a matter of urgency, we need to have the cloth sourced by the time I land in London.

As the plane is taxing in Heathrow I am checking my emails - the cloth has been selected and shipped to the workshop to commence work.

On the morning of the shoot the suit arrives in Copenhagen. Uffff, not a single hour to spare for a mistake.

And once again, amazing job Fold7! I watched this campaign a dozen times. Probably.

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