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This Summer, everyone’s been living in a Barbie world. Pink-painted escapism and one of the most star-studded casts we’ve ever seen, it’s the film that everybody is talking about in 2023. At Artefact London, we love Barbie-mania for the fashion it inspired.

In particular, we have been paying attention to Ryan Gosling as Ken and the amazing, Barbie-themed suits he has been wearing. From his on-screen looks to his red-carpet bespoke suits, here are our favourite pieces from the Barbie world wardrobe.

Ryan Gosling’s Light Mint Suit

At the Barbie premiere in London, Ryan Gosling wore a light mint suit. Single-breasted with notch lapels. A classic look in an unconventional colour. Matching the suit with a crisp silk shirt unbuttoned to the chest makes for a laid-back look. Smart white shoes are the finishing touch.

Barbie Light Pink Suit

At the Hollywood premiere of Barbie, we saw Ryan Gosling wearing a light pink suit. Made in a dusty blush tone, it was identical to the suit worn at the London premiere in terms of cut and style. He wore it with a silk light pink shirt, unbuttoned to the chest, and smart white shoes. With clean lines and buttons covered in the same pink fabric. A minimal chic made-to-measure suit that lets the tailoring do the talking.

Barbie Premiere Yellow Suit

The single-breasted yellow suit worn at the Mexican premiere of Barbie is similar to Ryan Gosling’s Hollywood and London premiere suits. With notch lapels and the same clean-cut look, it stood out with gold buttons. Worn with a plain white t-shirt and black loafers with gold buckles for a smart casual vibe.

Ryan Gosling’s Ken Cowboy Look

Not quite a suit but worth a mention is Ken’s cowboy outfit. Black suit trousers with a slight flare are worn with a tasselled, embellished black cowboy shirt. A belt, a bandana around the neck, and white cowboy boots are ideal Barbie accessories for the ultimate Kenergy.

Ryan Gosling Green Suit

We must admit that Ryan Gosling's green suit is not from the Barbie world. Fitting in with the bold colour scheme, though, it may as well be! We had to include this exquisite green double-breasted Gucci suit worn to Cinema Con 2023. With notch lapels and styled with a dusty pink silk shirt, Gosling finishes the look with a black belt and smart loafers.

Ken’s Barbie Striped Shirt Beach Look

For warm-weather shirt inspiration, look no further than Ryan Gosling’s Ken striped shirt. In the pale pink and mint green of his premiere suits (coincidence? We think not!) this matching shirt and shorts combination is one for the summer lookbook. Complete with clean trainers for a fresh and sporty feel.

Bespoke Suits For Your Barbie World

The Barbie film has inspired us to add fun to our wardrobe. If you are keen to channel your inner Ryan Gosling or Ken, Artefact London is here to help. We can tailor any bespoke suits to match the premiere looks. We can also work with you to make a suit inspired by Ken’s outfits in the film for some truly unique creations. Get in touch to find out more.

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