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A wool suit is one of the foundation pillars of every man’s wardrobe. I always tell my clients that a good suit is an investment and you need to make sure to get maximum returns from it. A well-made suit is timeless and will last you for years if proper aftercare is given.
Follow these simple rules on how to look after your garment and you will see just how much more years of wearing you will get out of your armour.

Wearing Your Suit

Avoid wearing the same suit two days in a row. If you need to wear a suit 5 days a week, you should have at least 4-5 suits to rotate.

When sitting down in a jacket always undo the buttons to avoid putting pressure on the front button and deforming the garment.

Always take your jacket off when driving if you don’t want it stretching out and loosing shape prematurely.

When taking the jacket off hang it on the hanger with rounded edges whenever possible not just on the back of your chair. It will help keep the jacket in good shape, air it and keep creasing to a minimum.


Don’t put your suit in the wardrobe right away after wearing - let it air first for a few hours. This will help moisture to exit.

When you do put it inside the wardrobe leave some space between the hanging garments, it will help the suit continue airing and leave it fresher for the next wear.

Use Cedar hangers as they are a natural way to deter pests. Wool is a natural fiber and like all natural things, moisture & heat do not equal longevity. Add dehumidifying packs inside your wardrobe that will help keep away the moisture that pests love.

Help your suit maintain its form by using hangers with rounded edges and large enough to support the width of the jacket shoulders. It will give the shoulders its natural shape and good drape to the garment that will also get read of the creases.

Don’t cover your suit with garment carrier unless travelling or storing it away for when not in use.


Keeping your suit clean will help to increase its longevity. A wool suit traps small dust particles & grime between the fibers. A good brushing will get the dust out. Brushing in comparison to dry cleaning is gentle and does not use any harsh chemicals.

Don’t dry clean unless absolutely necessary. Over-dry-cleaning your suit will result in deterioration of natural fibers and make the cloth colour look dull.
Steam instead to lift odours and small dust particles.

When to dry clean?
When you really soiled your suit, like spilled ketchup over it and can’t spot clean.
When odours will not go away with steaming.
Before you store away your winter suit for summer for a few months and like wise with your summer attire - before storing it away.

Getting Rid of Creases

Don’t use dry iron - it will burn the fibres and will result in material gaining a sheen to it.

Invest in a good steamer. Not only will it help you to get rid of the creases, but also the odour and lifting the dust particles, thus minimising the need for dry cleaning.

If you happen to need a good steam, but don’t have a steamer handy, when travelling for example. Hang your suit in the shower room and take a hot shower or bath for 20-30 mins. Take it out to air near an open window for a few hours to make sure it dries well. You will see the creases will smoothen out a lot.

Essential Shopping List

Below you will find the list of products that will help look after and prolong the life of your suit:
K9 Steamer
Cedar Hangers
Horsehair Suit Brush
Wardrobe dehumidifier

Written by Tatyana Kozhevnikova
Founder ARTEFACT LONDON - Gents Fine Tailoring Studio
5th October 2017