Black Tie Mohair Tuxedos

Few occasions in life demand as much of a polished look as a wedding does. There are many ways to look your most dapper self on the Big Day. Depending on the venue and the atmosphere you are creating for the wedding there is a multitude of possibilities to consider.

This post highlights a romantic Tuscan setting and the black tie dress code that has completed the atmosphere.

Nico and Claude were after a timeless black tie look - two bespoke tuxedos for Nico's autumn wedding in a tuscan vineyard. They made it their 'father & son project'.

They fell in love with the midnight blue mohair & wool mix by Holland & Sherry. Claude was after a peak lapel style whereas Nico differentiated his look by going for a shawl option.

Peak lapels are considered very formal, whereas the shawl style conveys a more social and relaxed attitude. Both are used for black tie dress wear, never a notch lapel.

It is also worth taking note that the peaked lapel collar makes you look taller by driving the attention upwards to the shoulders with it's V shape. It also makes you look slimmer where the single button fastens at the waist. Shawl lapels work best on taller men.

Which style would you go for? Peak lapel or shawl lapel?