Artefact suit in the making

Artefact Suit in the making

We are very proud of work ethics and exceptionally high quality standards our business partners provide and would like to share some insights with you. Our shirts are made from start to finish in Czech Republic, suits, smart casual and coats in Portugal. We dedicated a few hours to taking photos of the suit creation process to show you what happens behind the scenes between your Styling and Fitting appointments as you wait for your Artefact suit.

We chose our partners for their seamless blend of sartorial mastership and heritage along with high tech computing and machinery that allows to deliver garments of unrivalled quality fast.
These snapshots come straight from sunny Porto, Portugal taken on 10th September 2016. Will show you how things happened that day, nothing staged for a photoshoot, just work in progress and business as usual at production.

A lot of stages of making a suit were kept hand made foregoing technological advances on purpose – it allows for attention to detail, endless flexibility and customisation of the garment to the unique specifications set out by its future owner.

Your individual pattern is created using CAD (Computer Aided Design) according to the measurements taken during the Styling appointment in our Mayfair studio. It is cut with precision by laser straight onto the cloth alleviating costly and time consuming pattern drafting on paper and avoiding errors often made when the cloth is cut by hand.

Combination of hand and machine work is used to create a malleable canvas construction for jackets that will mould around your body. Unlike overwhelming majority of ready made garments our lapels are fully canvassed with a choice of half and full canvas construction along the fore part of the jacket that makes the fabric drape so well.

Contrasting or matching sleeve lining is hand stitched inside the jacket sleeves.

Traditional melton is hand sewn to the back of the collar. Our melton is always cut on the bias to allow it to follow the shape of your neck naturally without stretching out around it.
Buttons and buttonholes hand sewn to avoid loose threads and frilling that you constantly see in retail garments.

A personal monogram is added on the inside of the jacket with the help of a special embroidery machinery.

The monogram can contain initials and words, can be done in tone on tone colours or contrasting to the lining of the jacket.

Every stitch along the seams is hand pressed throughout the making process and fused to give the suits that sharp polished look and a long life.

At the end of the process your Artefact suit is thoroughly pressed and every stitch, inch by inch is inspected for perfection, no compromises ever made.

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