Kingsman Suit Style: Taron Egerton

Kingsman suits show the best of British tailoring. Discover Taron Egerton's suits as he plays Eggsy in our complete Kingsman style guide.

Recently, we’ve been looking at all things Kingsman. This British film has become iconic in the tailoring world. From orange velvet dinner jackets to Prince of Wales business suits, it’s a masterclass in dressing like a true gentleman.

Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton, goes from streetwear to suave. As he learns how to be a spy, he also learns how to wear bespoke suits . In this style guide, we’re going to look at some of the best Eggsy Kingsman suits throughout the movie.

Eggsy’s Kingsman Double-Breasted Pinstripe Suit

A classic and elegant bespoke formal suit

The suit most worn by Eggsy is his charcoal pinstripe double-breasted look. This is the same pinstripe suit as seen on Colin Firth. The matching look indicates this is the traditional business attire for the Kingsmen.

The look is undeniably classy. The Kingsman tailors follow the traditional elegance of a formal suit to impress. Peak lapels and a 6x2 button fastening create a sleek look. All-over charcoal wool and a fine pinstripe add a touch of chic sophistication.

As with Colin Firth’s Kingsman suit, Eggsy’s pinstripe look also has a buttonhole on both lapels. This is an unusual choice only seen on bespoke tailoring. It isn’t traditional, which goes against most other looks in the films. But, it does add a certain confidence to the suit that we admire.

In terms of bespoke tailoring, the fit is exceptional. The fabric drapes clean front & back and the jacket is perfectly nipped at the waist. Double vents are a practical addition allowing for plenty of movement.

Here is a double-breasted bespoke suit made at Artefact London. It is a similar look to the one Eggsy wears in the movie.


Velvet Orange Dinner Jacket

Orange velvet bespoke jacket from Kingsman worn by Taron Egerton

Eggsy’s Kingsman orange velvet dinner jacket is no doubt the most memorable look. The grey pinstripe is Kingsman: the orange dinner jacket is Eggsy. Here, the character shows off just who he is with a look that’s designed to turn heads. If you’re looking for a bespoke dinner jacket to stand out - copy Eggsy.

Satin peak lapels, satin covered black buttons, a white pocket square, and a black bow tie. Of course, it is tailored to perfection. Nipped in at the waist again for a sharp look, the fit is undoubtedly well-tailored.

Where the look shines is the orange velvet. Bright, bold, and striking, it’s a look that matches Taron Egerton’s character. Perhaps not a look everyone can pull off, but it is ideal for Eggsy.

Be sure to read more about the Kingsman orange dinner jacket on our blog.

Eggsy's Grey Three Piece Flannel Suit with Double-Breasted Waistcoat

tweed 3 piece suit grey

This bespoke Kingsman suit was worn by Taron for a promotional shoot of the movie. A three-piece suit with a double-breasted waistcoat, similar to many we've made at Artefact.

It looks to be made from a light grey flannel cloth. The notch lapel is made slightly narrower than usual, gearing this traditional look towards contemporary. The narrower lapel complements the slim, tapered fit. The pockets wre made slightly slanted, removing a notch of formality. A classic three piece suit that stands out thanks to the double-breasted waistcoat.

Taron Egerton Red Carpet Suit

On the red carpet, Taron Egerton tends to be more traditional than the character he played in Kingsman. This look, for example, is incredibly simple. Two buttonholes, a shawl lapel, flapped pockets, matching black tie. The black tuxedo is classy and formal, with no frills. The one element distinguishing the look is the black scarf.

We rave about Kingsman movie suits but will be somewhat critical on this occasion. The tuxedo appears tight across the chest & waist, resulting in a pull on the button. Perhaps the tuxedo was not tailored but purchased off the rack. Read this article to learn more about how a suit should fit.

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Channel Your Inner Eggsy

If you want to dress like a Kingsman, you’re definitely not alone. The famous looks from the movie franchise have many people searching for Kingsman tailor Savile Row. The fictional Kingsman shopfront was filmed on Savile Row indeed, but it’s not the tailor behind the suits for Eggsy and Harry Hart.

If you want to recreate the looks from Kingsman or any red carpet appearance, we can help.


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