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Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is a man of many talents. Actor, musician, writer, director, and producer. With so many pursuits to occupy his time, you might think that style would be the last thing on his mind.

But, Donald Glover impresses us time and time again with his suave and colourful suits. So, we thought it was about time we put together some of our favourite of his looks. Needless to say, we can easily tailor any suit Donald Glover wore in the same or similar cloth to your exact measurements. Be inspired by this standout collection!

Donald Glover Black Panther Premiere Orange Suit

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At the Black Panther premiere in LA, Glover wore a distinct orange suit. In a neon shade, the suit had a subtle sheen to it, adding to its head-turning look. The single-breasted, one-button jacket featured a large embroidered embellishment, adding to the eclectic nature of the outfit. Subtle peak lapels and a slim fit add to the contemporary style.

In true Childish Gambino nature, he paired the suit with a very snazzy black and orange leopard print shirt. Laid-back black velvet loafers and a gold chain completed the look.

Donald Glover Golden Globe Brown Tuxedo

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For the Golden Globes, Glover went retro. Glover, a.k.a Childish Gambino, added a vintage twist with a brown velvet jacket and trousers complimented with an oversized matching bow tie. A pleated white dinner shirt hints the outfit is black tie.

Finished with a traditional pair of black patent oxfords, he manages to pull off this unique black tie brown velvet suit effortlessly.

Donald Glover Emmy Awards Purple Tuxedo

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Attending the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Glover wore an unconventional tuxedo. The purple outfit has all the classic components of a tuxedo - the black silk peak lapels, a single closing button at the front covered in silk, and a bow tie - except that Childish Gambino chose to stand out by going purple instead of classic midnight blue or black.

We love the choice of purple for this look. The dark tone still has a formal, black tie feel but allows Glover to stand out. Contrasting black lapels and a matching black bow tie brings a touch of traditional elegance, as does the pleated white shirt.

The pop of yellow from the contrasting pocket square is typical of Glover, reflecting his colourful style. It’s a lovely way to bring out his unique character.

Donald Glover Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere Red Suit

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At the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Donald Glover wore a red suit. It was a bold choice, but expert styling ensured he pulled the look off effortlessly. A red, single-breasted suit jacket and trousers are paired with a red satin shirt. A few buttons are left undone on the shirt, creating a more relaxed feel. The outfit is finished with a pair of striking, pointed white shoes.

Donald Glover LACMA Art + Film Gala Floral Dinner Jacket

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If you’re looking for black tie inspiration, the look that Donald Glover wore to the LACMA Art + Film Gala is a good place to start. A floral dinner jacket with satin pink and baby blue flowers is the standout garment. Black cuffs compliment black shawl lapels for a sophisticated aesthetic, ensuring the jacket is appropriate for a formal occasion.

Glover paired the jacket with a relaxed white shirt with a tie-front, embracing femininity in this eccentric look. His black trousers are cropped with cuffs for a contemporary look, bringing the romantic jacket and shirt up to date. He wears a pair of oxblood loafers with heavy gold detailing.

This is a look that’s perfectly balanced. Masculine meets feminine with the romantic florals and elegant shirt paired with the untrimmed beard and sturdy brown loafers. This is styling at its best, where creativity and attention to detail shine.

Donald Glover The Lion King Premiere Double-Breasted Checked Suit

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If we’ve learnt anything from Donald Glover’s suits, it’s that he loves a vintage look! The double-breasted checked suit he wore to the premiere of The Lion King echoes vintage vibes. A cream-coloured suit is livened up with bold red checks.

A tie-front shirt is barely visible beneath the large peak lapels, with a low cut for a laid-back look. The double-breasted jacket is what you would call a 6x2, meaning it has 6 buttons on show, but only 2 of them can be fastened.

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