Kingsman Orange Suit - A Kingsman Tailor Classic

The Kingsman orange suit jacket became an instant classic. Find out more and recreate Eggsy's look with our bespoke tailoring services.

Orange velvet bespoke jacket from Kingsman worn by Taron Egerton

In the world of bespoke tailoring, the Kingsman franchise is a joy to watch. Expertly tailored classic suits blend with creative innovation for some truly iconic looks. It’s a film where the suit is described as a gentleman’s armour: something we couldn’t have put better ourselves!

There’s one look, though, that stands out from the rest. Of course, we’re talking about the Kingsman orange suit. Let’s dive into the details and learn more about this masterpiece from the Kingsman tailor.

The Iconic Kingsman Orange Jacket

Bold Kingsman tailoring for Taron Egerton

Matthew Vaughn, the creator of the Kingsman films, was very specific about the looks he wanted his characters to wear. Harry Hart (played by Collin Firth) is always impeccably dressed in classic looks that match his stiff upper lip British character. Eggsy, however, was someone they could be a bit bolder with.

Never one to fit the mould, the orange look is perfect for Taron Egerton’s character. Bright, bold, and definitely unconventional, it’s not hard to see how this is a design with Eggsy in mind!

Many people refer to it as an orange suit, but it is in fact a dinner jacket. Crafted from bespoke orange velvet, the dinner jacket is finished with a grosgrain facing and matching black buttons. Unique and lively, it caught the attention of viewers instantly and is now one of the most well-known looks from the entire franchise.

What is a Dinner Jacket?

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We mentioned that the Kingsman orange suit as many people refer to it isn’t actually a suit at all, but an orange dinner jacket. So, what’s the difference?

A dinner jacket has shawl or peak lapels made in silk. A dinner jacket can be made of colourful velvet or made to match the black trousers, which turns the garment into a tuxedo.

Originally, dinner jackets were designed to be a slightly less formal version of the tailcoat - a dinner jacket with tails, essentially. It’s very similar to a tuxedo but with more colour options - as the Eggsy orange dinner jacket proves - and a wider variety of fabrics available for the jacket and lapels. For example a yellow velvet dinner jacket pictured above.

A suit has a matching jacket and trousers and is less formal than a dinner suit. As formal evening wear, a dinner jacket or tuxedo can only be worn after dark, whilst a suit can be worn at any time of the day and to less formal evening events.

Colours aside, a dinner jacket has silk lapels. The buttons of the jacket are also often covered silk, whilst a suit jacket's buttons will be plastic or real horn.

A Peak Lapel on Burnt Orange Velvet

Adding to the striking colour choice of Eggsy’s dinner jacket has the peak lapels. When it comes to tuxedos, there are two lapel options: peak or shawl, as we discussed in our guide to Daniel Craig’s James Bond suits.

The peak lapel seen in Kingsman extends beyond the collar and reaches a sharp peak that points towards the shoulder. It’s a classic look for a dinner jacket, undeniably the more striking choice of the two. This pairs perfectly with Eggsy’s sharp, colourful character and creates an energetic look.


A White Pocket Square

The choice of a white pocket square fits with black tie etiquette. Rather than matching the pocket square to the tie or shirt, it should bring out the colour of one and add to the look rather than compete with it. The choice of white for the Kingsman orange dinner jacket allows for the orange of the suit to take centre stage without overpowering the look with too many other contrasts. Understated, it adds a touch of class without drawing attention

Where Can You Buy the Orange Kingsman Jacket?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as Kingsman Savile Row. Although the fictional location of Kingsman was filmed in a real tailor shop in Savile Row it, unfortunately, isn’t called Kingsman. However, there are ways you can still get Taron Egerton’s orange dinner jacket Kingsman look.

At Artefact London, our tailors can recreate any suit, dinner jacket, or look you see on the silver screen or red carpet. We craft bespoke suits from fine materials, providing you with a high-quality look that could be straight out of the real Kingsman tailor shop. If you’re looking for the Kingsman orange dinner jacket, we can help.

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