Peaky Blinders: Thomas Shelby Suit Style Guide

The Peaky Blinders series was a huge hit in the UK, with the first episode of the final series drawing in a peak of over 4 million viewers. At Artefact London bespoke tailoring, whilst we love the thrilling storylines and character depth, there’s one thing that pulls us in more than all the rest: the bespoke suits.

Tommy Shelby's suit style is one that can not be beaten. The styling is impeccable, with high-quality looks oozing a classic old-school style. Let us dive into some of his best Peaky Blinders suits throughout the seasons.

Tommy Shelby 3-Piece Grey Suit

Thomas Shelby loves a three-piece suit. A grey single-breasted waistcoat is worn beneath a single-breasted jacket with peak lapels and high-waisted grey trousers. All three pieces are made from the same grey wool for an old-school simple look. The suit is made in a heavy-weight wool that works well for the colder Birmingham climate.

This classic three-piece suit seen throughout the series has been remade in various cloths, including a pinstripe blue flannel that we’ll look at later on. Back in the Peaky Blinders era of the early 1900s, this was a working man’s suit to be worn daily, which is exactly how Tommy wears it.

Symbolising his working-class roots, this is the outfit of a Birmingham gangster. Today a two-piece suit became the norm, whilst waistcoats are typically worn on special occasions.

Tommy Shelby Three Piece Pinstripe Navy Suit

Thomas Shelby’s navy three-piece suit has more of a business feel than the grey 3 piece suit above. The blue suit jacket, waistcoat, and trousers are made in a flannel pinstripe, whilst a collared shirt with a tab and tie signify that Tommy means serious business.

Attached to the waistcoat is a gold chain holding a pocket watch hidden in the pocket: a typical look at the time. The peak lapels and the single-breasted waistcoat and jacket are the same as the grey suit above, demonstrating just how much material choice and accessories can transform the look.

Tommy Shelby Tuxedo

Thomas Shelby's suits change throughout the series, reflecting his character development. When he wears a tuxedo, showing his transition into the high society events world. He’s further from the working class streets of Birmingham now!

Tommy Shelby’s black tuxedo followed every tradition. The jacket has silk peak lapels, matching trousers, a white wing collared dinner shirt, and a black bow tie. He wears a matching black waistcoat with a horseshoe neckline. The shirt has gold studs, matching his pocket watch.

Thomas Shelby Dark Wool 3-Piece Wedding Suit

The Thomas Shelby wedding suit is elegant and maintains the simplicity seen in all of his looks. A single-breasted waistcoat and single-breasted jacket with peak lapels are paired with non-pleated trousers, all made in heavyweight dark blue wool. The white shirt with short collar wings is worn with a blue tie keeping the overall look simple, only a white boutonniere is suggesting it is a special occasion and lifts the three-piece suit above his everyday style.

Thomas Shelby Brown Herringbone 3-Piece Suit

When it comes to Tommy’s Peaky Blinders suit style, his brown three-piece is a little more complex. This look plays with contrasting colours and patterns.

He wears a brown waistcoat and suit jacket with a distinct herringbone pattern, black buttons, and a classic v-neck. The brown herringbone pattern of the suit plays along the brown pinstripe shirt worn beneath. The shirt has a contrasting white collar. A burgundy tie adds a muted splash of colour, with diagonal stripes fitting well with pinstripe shirt & herringbone patterns. It is a beautiful combination that is visually unusual and maintains that old-school look.

Thomas Shelby Overcoat

We can not talk about Thomas Shelby suits without mentioning his iconic overcoats. The Tommy Shelby overcoats are typically made of black or dark grey heavy wools, single-breasted, and with wider peak lapels for a dramatic look. Worn over his suits with a pair of leather gloves and that Peaky Blinders cap, this is a practical working man’s outfit typical of the period - though no one wears it quite like Thomas Shelby.

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Peaky Blinders reignited our love for old-school suit style, with Thomas Shelby’s three-piece suits becoming all the rage.

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