Kingsman Suit Style - Colin Firth

Kingsman suits show the best of British tailoring. Discover Colin Firth's suits as he plays Harry Hart in our complete Kingsman style guide.

Grey Kingsman suit worn by Harry Hart

Kingsman: The Secret Service launched itself onto cinema screens in early 2015. It brought about epic scenes of Colin Firth fighting in pubs, heads exploding in colourful fireworks, and - of course - plenty of finely tailored suits. The sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, followed in 2017. The bold weapons and sharp styling didn’t disappoint.

Since their launch, the Kingsman films have become synonymous with bespoke tailoring and style. The main characters are always suited and booted in the finest garments, and their headquarters are literally inside a fake tailor based on the legendary Savile Row. So, as bespoke tailors in London ourselves, we thought it only right to put together a guide to the finest looks on screen, starting with those worn by Colin Firth.

Colin Firth A.K.A Harry Hart

Colin Firth plays Harry Hart, a Kingsman agent and all-around gentleman. His character embodies class and style, as he teaches Eggsy (Taron Egerton) the importance of dressing your best in the world of the secret service. Suits, as he says, are the gentleman’s armour. It is of no surprise that some of the most beautiful, classic looks are worn by his character.

A Grey Classic Double-Breasted Pinstripe

The classic bespoke Kingsman suit for Colin Firth


Traditional class is a theme seen in all of the Kingsman suits worn by Colin Firth. These are looks that (almost always) follow the rules. A prime example is the grey double-breasted pinstripe suit. With a 6x2 black button fastening, elegant peak lapels, and all-over charcoal wool, it’s a timeless look for a serious gentleman. One of the more interesting touches is the buttonhole on both lapels. It’s a bespoke finish that oozes confidence and class.

The look is paired with a white cutaway collar bespoke shirt, white pocket square, and navy striped tie. Double vents allow for plenty of movement: a must for a secret service agent.

The fit, too, is perfect, with a nipped waist and relaxed shoulders. Colin Firth wears the jacket as he should, with only the middle button done up. All in all, this is an example of classic bespoke tailoring and a business suit that you can’t go wrong with.

Above is a similar suit made by Artefact. It's not quite the same as the suit worn by Colin Firth in the video clip, but similar!

Kingsman Grey Double-Breasted Prince of Wales

The double-breasted, 6x2 style is a go-to look for Harry Hart. Here, though, the suit is made with a gorgeous Prince of Wales cloth. It’s a very understated check, almost unnoticeable on the main grey. As Colin Firth’s Kingsman suits go, it’s one of the more monochrome looks. Again, it features those buttonholes on the lapels, adding a bespoke, high-class finish to this very classic suit.

Why Are Lapel Buttonholes Unusual?

If you were to buy a suit in retail, only one of the lapels would have a buttonhole. Adding an extra buttonhole is a way for Kingsman tailors to state the suit is tailor-made. A way of nodding to the fact that these suits are made for Harry Hart, and Harry Hart alone.

At Artefact London, we occasionally add the extra buttonhole upon client request but do prefer the look of a single, handmade one, naturally.

Bespoke Double Breasted Suits at Artefact

At Artefact we make double-breasted suits be they inspired by Kingsman, red carpet or something of your own imagination.

The Kingsman Black Dinner Suit

A classic smoking jacket

A classic black tie look executed to perfection. The smoking jacket tailored with midnight blue velvet. A deep midnight blue colour is a more contemporary choice than a black dinner jacket and can appear darker than black in low light. Black silk lapels and gauntlet cuffs complete Colin Firth’s dinner look.

Kingsman stylists paired the suit with tartan trousers which pick up the blue tones in the dinner jacket. This is the old school black-tie classic combination.

Colin Firth’s Style on the Red Carpet

It’s not just on the screen that Colin Firth’s Kingsman style can be seen. On the red carpet, his looks follow the understated elegance of Harry Hart. This suit once again shows that you can’t go wrong with classic style and expert bespoke tailoring. Note the perfect sleeve length and the cut slightly nipped at the waist for a trim look.

The fabric's slight sheen (which could be from the addition of mohair) adds glamour, finished with a crisp white shirt, a white pocket square that is perfectly straight, and a navy tie. It makes a statement without the fuss and frills of many other red carpet looks, and that’s a testament to the tailoring.

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Where Can You Find Kingsman Savile Row?

As you may have guessed, the Kingsman tailor doesn’t exist. Although the shopfront used in the films is a real tailor in Savile Row, it isn’t the home of British secret service agents and it doesn’t have the suits worn in the film displayed in the windows.

Fortunately, at Artefact London we can help you channel your inner Harry Hart. We specialise in bespoke tailoring and can recreate any look from the Kingsman films or the red carpet.


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