Men's Lounge Suit Dress Code: Complete Guide

A lounge suit is the modern-day go-to. What is a lounge suit and when you should wear one. Discover various lounge suit styles & tips.

Burgundy lounge suit with pink shirt in London

From weddings to interviews to day to day life, lounge suits are an important staple in a man's wardrobe. You might be wondering “what is a lounge suit?” as this isn’t a term used often in the modern world. With the more relaxed dress codes lounge suits became very popular in the post-pandemic world. You may even have added one to your own wardrobe without realising what you are wearing is indeed a lounge suit.
To help you understand what a lounge suit is and when to wear one, we’ve put together this guide.

What Is a Lounge Suit?

The lounge suit originated in the 19th century. Business suits were go to every day wear, the lounge suit was worn at the weekend as “casual wear”. Back in the day, a lounge suit jacket was cut shorter than the more formal business suit: trousers were more tapered; giving the lounge suit a more casual look. Lounge suits were made in lighter & bolder colours. Flannels or heavier wools & tweeds being popular cloth choices.

Lounge Suit vs Business Suit

What is the difference between a lounge suit and a business suit in the modern world? There is not an obvious variation in the cut these days. The jackets in modern tailoring are shorter now compared to a few decades ago when business suit jackets were notably longer than that of their casual counterparts.

A business suit will typically be a darker grey or blue, with a subtle pinstripe or herringbone.
A lounge suit will be bolder or lighter in colour. This is where the difference lies. You can see this above: the maroon lounge suit is on the left and the blue business suit on the right.

There is sometimes, but not always, a subtle difference in how the lounge suit trousers are cut: more tapered at the cuff and often 2/3cm shorter than on a business suit.

Both lounge & business suits can be double-breasted or three-piece (with a waistcoat).

Just as with a business suit, a lounge suit jacket and trousers are made of a matching colour cloth. If your jacket is made from a different colour cloth to your trousers, you typically refer to it as smart/business casual wear.

Lounge suits can be worn with a t-shirt and less formal smart looking shoes.

What Is Lounge Suit Dress Code: Men

It’s common to see lounge suits on invitations to events: weddings and many social events.

It’s a very easy-going dress code. Lounge suit dress code means wear any other colour suit, but the ones you would typically wear to work. For example, you can consider lighter greys and beige colours if you are a summer wedding guest. Or wear a tweed suit in winter. Wear a bolder burgundy lounge suit to a fun relaxed event. Lounge suit dress code doesn't require a white shirt , any colour suit other than office blue or grey, the tie is often optional unless stated otherwise.

2 Piece Lounge Suit or a 3 Piece Lounge Suit?

Your lounge suit can be a three-piece or a two-piece. Unless specified on the lounge suit dress code, either is appropriate. The two-piece lounge suit consists of a pair of trousers and a jacket. The three-piece lounge suit will also have a waistcoat.

The latter can be seen as more formal and is a great option if you are the groom. A two-piece lounge suit can work well for a party, depending on the colour of the suit, it can also work in informal business settings. A three-piece lounge suit works best for a special occasion or as when worn as tweed or heavier weigh flannel works great in the countryside.

Lounge Suit: Single or Double-Breasted?

Lounge suits can be both single and double-breasted. A double-breasted lounge suit is a timeless look with a touch of formality. A single-breasted lounge suit has a less formal feel. Whether your lounge suit has a formal or an informal feel to it is also dictated by the colour and accessories. The bolder the colour, the less formal the look of your suit.

Can I Wear a Lounge Suit to a Wedding?


Lounge suits are a popular choice for weddings whether you are a guest or the man of the hour. Grooms are often swapping tails and tuxedos for more colourful three-piece wedding lounge suits.

If ‘lounge suits’ is what the wedding invitation states, you can wear a suit of any colour, other than what you would normally wear to the office. Double-breasted lounge suits and three-piece lounge suits are all acceptable. You can wear a less formal tie and smart casual looking suede shoes.

Be sure to read our blog for more guidance on wedding suits

Lounge Suit Men: Style Guide

Lounge suits are more on the casual spectrum of menswear, so there aren’t any rigid rules on how to style them. A few things you might want to consider:

If your lounge suit is made of a solid colour, you can add a tie with some colour to it. For example, if you are wearing a light grey lounge suit, you can add a sage colour linen tie with a motif.
If your lounge suit has a bold check to it, go for a muted colour solid colour tie. Lounge suits are informal but don’t overdo the colours of your accessories if your lounge suit already has a bold colour or pattern to it.

Lounge suits can also be worn with a plain colour t-shirt or fitted knitwear.

Lounge suits can be worn with classic oxford shoes, and brogues. You can also pair your lounge suit with smart looking suede shoes. If you are wearing a t-shirt you can even wear smart looking trainers; plain white trainers are a popular choice.

Men’s Lounge Suit Colour and Pattern Ideas

Three-Piece Maroon Lounge Suit

Our bespoke maroon lounge suit is a great example of an understated way to use muted colours to stand out. This look is a three-piece lounge suit, single-breasted with a white shirt. Simple and sophisticated is how we would describe it.

Blue Three-Piece Checked Lounge Suit With a Contrasting Waistcoat

When you want to combine bold with simple, this is the lounge suit. Blue check trousers and jacket are paired with a plain blue waistcoat and light blue shirt. The look shows how colours and patterns can be combined to create a bold yet, not overbearing look. This look could be worn to a special occasion event, such as a wedding.

Three-Piece Beige Lounge Suit

Our beige three-piece lounge suit is perfect for a summer wedding. With a double-breasted waistcoat, peak lapels, and a single-breasted jacket for a traditional look. A double-breasted waistcoat makes the look more special, and peak lapels speak of a special occasion event.

Ivory Double-Breasted Lounge Suit

Here’s an example of a bespoke two-piece lounge suit, made from ivory cloth with a subtle check and a double-breasted jacket. It is a relaxed look perfect for a birthday party, an informal meeting in the summer, a date night, or another casual event.

Burgundy Two-Piece Lounge Suit

Fun and unique, just like the gentleman we created this lounge suit for, we love this look for it’s flamboyant character. The bright burgundy creates a statement look and the single-breasted jacket adds a relaxed feel. Pairing the lounge suit with a light pink shirt is very much in line with the gentleman’s goal to stand out.

Made to Measure Lounge Suits With Bespoke Linings

Never underestimate the power of a contrast lining. At Artefact, we love to add a bold lining to a neutral coloured lounge suit. See here our vintage print lining for a beige lounge suit. Along with embroidered initials, it adds a personal touch to your outfit.

Bespoke Men’s Lounge Suits in London

If you have an event to dress for, we can help you tailor the ideal look. From fun patterns to more muted colours we will guide you into your perfect lounge suit. For effortless lounge suits to impress, get in touch with Artefact London.

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